Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga

I have a confession to make: I slept through Yoga Philosophy during my teacher training. No, I was not jet-legged. Yes, it was early. And, no, I did not have an ailment of some sort. I was just so high off of the energy of the geography, and so out of my body, that I was


Surfing in Morocco is unlike experiencing any other beach, any other break – it is a unique universe in a league all of its’ own, rich in cultural depth and world-class waves of every level. The popular beaches are in a flurry of constant activity. Camels, horses, dogs and cats of all sorts wander to

Tajine is the classic authentic Moroccan dish. It is truly unique in style, taste and form to the local culture, we always share tajine over dinner here at Original Surf Morocco!

Here at Original Surf Morocco we are spoiled with fresh, home cooked authentic Moroccan cuisine every day! Our local chef Omar is a true wizard of the kitchen, and often serves the classic Moroccan dish of tajine. The tajine itself is a clay earthen dish with a triangular lid. What makes tajine so special and tasty

The final big sets rolling into Morocco this week, the end of an epic winter surf season with a handful of clean double overhead swells.

Clean, double-overhead sets have been firing across our stretch of Moroccan coastline these past two days—a rare treat of a swell this surf season of the year! It’s been far too heavy for any beach breaks, massive towering lines close out as far as you can see. But our world-class local point and reef breaks such as Anchor Point, Banana

Deepen your breath, let go of the thoughts, arrive in the beauty of the now.

While surfing does require a solid level of physical vitality, mental strength is the critical factor for taking on the next level of wave. Surfing is in and of itself a moving meditation–we are constantly moving dancing with the sea, intuitively responding to the motions of the ocean, relaxing out of the thoughts and onto them sweet ocean swells. I find when

Agadir open, surf competition at Devils Rock, surf spots in Morocco, surf retreat, surf holiday

The 7th annual Agadir Open Surf & Bodyboard Competition will take place this weekend, here at our very own home break of Devil’s Rock! The 3 day competition will run from Mar 24-26, hosted by the Imouran Surf Club and Moroccan Royal Federation of Surf and Bodyboard. The event is expected to draw 250+ competitors

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Exploring Paradise Valley on an epic Morocco holiday, taking a break from the surf, sand and sea for once

Journey to Paradise

Friday, 17 March 2017 by

Nestled in the lush greenery of Morocco’s southern coastline lies the special nook of Paradise Valley, the desert oasis you thought might only exist in dreams. But these naturally carved out turquoise swimming holes are the real deal, encircled by swaying palm trees and all. Usually the rhythm of our day here at Original Surf Morocco is centered around surfing. But


While Devil’s Rock is most popularly known for its clean, consistent, waves, a deeper glimpse into it’s past reveals an ancient air of mystery surrounding the powers of the rock.  Today, the massive rock hosts a nonstop flow of activity. Fishermen are seen casting their lines off from the point around the clock, surfers jump from the

desert surfing

Once you catch the bug, chasing swells becomes a never-ending, lifelong quest.  But when the sea is flat, it takes a bit of creativity to satiate the thirst – welcome the art of sand surfing, or shredding down the face of a steep desert dune.  We started off the day at our home breaks in Tamraght, but everywhere

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yoga surf morocco

3 Ways Surfing & Yoga Become One

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 by

When someone asks me if I’m good at surfing, I have a similar reaction as to when I hear someone say, “I’m so bad at yoga, I can’t even touch my toes!” My socially inept response is one of perplexed silence, a baffled head tilt and furrowed brows… The essential framework of this conversation is nonsensical to me. With both


The Authentic Moroccan Experience

Thursday, 16 February 2017 by

Beyond the endless sandy shores and waves, what truly makes a stay here at Original Surf Morocco invaluable is the immersion experience into authentic Moroccan culture. Our camp is run entirely by local people who grew up in this beautiful seaside village of Tamraght. They are indigenous Berber people, whose ties to this land trace


This past weekend brought a massive Northwest swell that absolutely pummeled our coastline, raising stoke levels to an all time high! The swell perfectly peeled into a handful of nearby world-class breaks, firing with clean double-overhead sets. Saturday morning brought the peak of the swell, it was far too big for beginners to make it out past the break