A Day in the Life: Moroccan Holiday

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Endless sunshine, local cuisine and camel rides might be the first things that come to mind when you think of a Moroccan holiday. If you’ve never been to a surf camp before you may be wondering what a day in the life entails here at Original Surf. Look no further, we’re here to give you the full down low on a day in the life – from sunrise yoga to late night card games…

We like to start our mornings out pretty relaxed by hanging on the terrace with a tea before breakfast or joining in sunrise yoga at 7.30am in the rooftop shala with our resident yoga teacher. The class is typically a slow flow to get the body moving and grooving while still preserving our surf energy for the day ahead. The backdrop from the shala is like no other with a 360 degree view of Tamraght and the sweeping African coastline that seems to go as far and wide as the “om” chanted in class.

Yoga retreat holiday original surf morocco
Yoga class at Original Surf Morocco terrace


After working up an appetite, breakfast is served at 8.30am on the rooftop. Prepare yourself for a treat! Our local Moroccan chef, Omar, outdoes himself with a new creation every morning. You’ll find the table cladden with mint tea, spicy coffee, local fruits, eggs, fresh bread, pancakes or crepes and a whole variety of dips to put your own twist on the meal. Surf fuel, check.

Around 9.45am we’ll wander downstairs to meet up with our surf instructors to get suited up for the day. They’ll help you pick out the proper wetsuit and surfboard before loading up the surf van, turning up the jams and driving out to the beach.

If you’re brand new to surfing, have no fears! Junior and Yassine are experienced instructors who know everything about the local breaks. They’re ready to get you standing up and catching waves on day one. After a dynamic group warm up on the beach we’ll practice paddling and pop-ups on land before dragging our boards out into the ocean. The super coaches will be alongside you all morning, pushing you into the perfect waves and yelling “stand up” at just the right moment. Be sure to listen up for the cheers when you finally catch that first wave all the way to shore. After a morning of practice we park ourselves onshore for a well deserved lunch and lounge under the sun. The afternoon is your free time to practice surfing on your own.

original surf camp Tamraght
Surfing class


After heading back to camp around 4pm we’ll have free time to r&r, join tea time or explore the local village. If you’ve taken it easy and have energy for a walk we’d recommend heading down to catch the sunset on Devil’s Rock or taking a camel ride down the beach. Just be sure to head back to camp around 7pm for dinner at 7.30pm. If you’ve never had traditional Moroccan cuisine you’re in for a treat! You’ll find fresh bread, salad, and tajine which is a North African stew of spiced meat and vegetables prepared by slow cooking in a shallow dish with a lid that looks similar to a volcano. Fresh avocado or papaya smoothies, fruit salad or mint cake are on the menu for dessert.

Following dinner we’ll flick through the surf photos from the day and get some feedback on how to improve. The rest of the evening is yours to play card games, chill out on the terrace with a bonfire or head into to Agadir to check out the nightlife. Beware of the card games as we play with Moroccan rules that usually include the loser dancing or singing along to bad 80’s music with half the room laughing and secretly hoping they don’t lose the next round. Be sure to catch enough zzz’s to wake up and hit the repeat button again the next day!

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