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yoga poses for surfing in Morocco

15 Best Yoga Poses for Surfing (Updated)

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The key to surfing is strength, balance, patience, and calmness. Although without sand or the sea, the practice of Yoga is all about just that — clearing the mind, while also centering the body. Many stretches and Yoga poses are greatly beneficial for the sport of surfing, enhancing the specific muscles needed for paddling, standing up, and even controlling the board while catching waves. Yoga is also the best and most natural solution to most muscle aches or pains after a long day of surfing. If you are a surfer below are the yoga poses for surfing that you need to do before setting your foot in the water.

1. Forward Fold with Interlaced Fingers

Benefits: While not only stretching the legs, thighs, and hips, this pose is also one of the best for stretching the shoulders and upper arms. This pose is great for stretching out the biceps after a long day of paddling and pushing waves.

a. Stand about four feet apart, with your feet parallel.

b. Interlace your fingers behind your back, inhale and open the chest.

c. As you exhale, fold forward. Keep your back straight, and bend from the hip.

d. Reach your interlaced fingers toward the ground in front of you.

e. If you have a partner, you may ask them to help you further this stretch by gently pushing down your hands toward the floor.


2. Locust Pose

A lot of surfing is about back strength, as paddling and pushing is a key to getting better at catching those waves. Our back muscles are rarely used in our day-to-day life, and many Yoga poses target reversing that deterioration. Locust pose is an easy pose perfectly improving those specific muscles. Challenge yourself and improve your back muscles by increasing the amount of time you hold this pose each time you do it.

a. Lie down on the mat, with your arms to the side.

b. On your inhale, lift up your shoulders and feet. Try to also keep your chest off the ground, point your heart to the wall ahead of you, and keep the chin up.

Kick it up a notch with these different variations:

I. The Superman

– With your arms stretched straight in front of you, lift your shoulders and heels for deeper strengthening of the shoulders.


II. Alternating arms and legs

– Target different muscles in the back by lifting opposite arms and legs, first right arm and left leg, then switching.

III. Bow Pose

– Grab your ankles behind your back. Then lift up your shoulders and knees. Try to keep the knees close

3. Plank Pose

A lot of surfing is also about a strong core. One of the best poses for improving the core is holding a plank, both either with straight arms or on the elbows.

The key is keeping the hands or elbows just beneath the shoulders, and to keep the whole body straight from the ankles to the shoulders.

Do you get bored holding poses? Make it dynamic by lifting one leg at a time, or coming up and down from hands to elbows.


4. Standing Bow Pose

This pose doesn’t just look good on Instagram — mastering this pose improves your balance and core, while also stretching your hamstrings and legs.

a. Stand with your feet hip width, arms to the side.

b. Inhale, grabbing your right ankle joint with the right hand at the same time. Keep the knees together.

c. Raise the left arm straight up, look forward at a stationary object to keep balance.

d. As you exhale, reach your left arm forward, while stretching your right arm and leg up.

e. Hold the pose, take a few long, deep, and calm breaths.

f. Repeat on the other side.

If this pose is already too easy for you, take it a step further by attempting to do it with your eyes closed. 😉


5. Twisted Downward Dog

Downward dog is one of the most beneficial Yoga poses. It improves your flexibility, stretching the legs, hamstrings, while simultaneously strengthening the arms and shoulders. It’s also a form of inversion without the strain of a headstand or shoulder stand, bringing blood flow to the face and brain. Kick it up a notch with a twist, which not only stretches the body and spine, but also further strengthens the arms.

a. Start from a plank pose, with arms directly beneath the shoulders and your toes tucked.

b. Lift your hips up until you’re forming a straight line from the palms to your tailbone, keep the legs straight, forming a perfect triangle with the ground. Push the heels down to stretch the back of the legs.

c. On your next exhale, reach your right hand to touch your left ankle, twisting the spine. Take a few deep breaths in this stretch.

d. Bring your right arm back to the Downward Dog position, then repeat the same twist with the left hand.


6. Upward Facing Dog

It is considered a backward bending that extends the entire frontal part of the body, makes the spine flexible and at the same time allows you to increase the strength in the arms.

  1. Lie down on the ground with your stomach and face facing the mat. Tighten all legs slightly detached to the width of the hips and also extend the toes, keeping the back of the feet facing the ground.
  2. Place your hands, well open, exactly under the shoulders. Keep your elbows close to the sides of your body and not loose.
  3. At this point, lift your chest pushing your hands to the ground.
  4. Stay here for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Clearly the more you can stay there the greater the benefits you will experience.


7. Chair pose

This posture is great to warm up and strengthen your surfer body.

  1. You stand on the mat with the feet parallel and slightly separated. Inspires and raises your arms vertically, perpendicular to the ground. Keep your arms parallel to each other and palms facing inside or join your palms between them.
  2. Then exhale and bend your knees, trying to keep the inside of the thighs parallel to each other. Your knees will be ahead of your feet and your chest will be slightly bent forward over your thighs. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and close the shoulder blades.
  3. Keep your head in your arms and look forward. Push up the seat in such a way as to bring the sacred bone upward and then keep the lumbar area of the vertical column straight. This is the final position. Breathe normally and keep the position until you balance the strain with relaxation.
  4. To get out of the pose, he straightens his knees by breathing and then with an exhalation he lowers his arms along the body.


8. Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose is an empowering asana engaging the entire body while warming up and building strong legs.

  1. In a standing position, take a lateral step with your right foot and turn the tips outwards.
  2. Lower the pelvis and bend the knees until they are above the ankles. Face the coccyx downwards.
  3. Frame your face with your arms, keeping your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears. In this position breathe deeply 3 times.


9. Extended puppy pose

This yoga asana is practiced with knees on the ground, sides slightly back from the latter, with the arms and the torso completely extended forward and resting on the ground. Useful especially in case of stress (just before a surf competition) it is very useful to lengthen  and opening the back while toning the body.

  1. To start the exercise, get on all fours.
  2. Bring the hands a few inches forward, with the fingers open and the palms firmly resting. Then you will have to bend the tips of the feet and let the pelvis drop on the heels. Then lean your forehead on the ground. Lower and combine the shoulder blades. In this position, breathe deeply 3 times.


10. Boat pose

This asana is perfect to strengthen your core and to learn to find balance and focus before jumping on your board!

  1. Lay out belly up on the mat. Place your arms on the side of your body and place your palms down.
  2. Inhale deeply and then, exhaling, lift both legs, arms, shoulders, head and upper chest from the floor. Do not lift the lumbar part of the back, but keep it pressed down as much as possible.
  3. Keep your arms and legs straight to form a corner no greater than 45 degrees (preferably 30 degrees or less) with the ground.


11. Supported Shoulder stand

A supported shoulder stand is a great posture to relax while building some upper body strength and work on your balance too, mandatory elements for your surfing sessions.

  1. In this position the weight of the body is mainly supported by the shoulders. The bust is aligned with the legs extended. The feet are united. The elbows are on the ground, shoulder-width apart. The hands press on the back and support the bust.
  2. The breastbone is pushed against the chin and not vice versa.
  3. Be careful not to move your head to avoid problems with the cervical vertebrae.


12. Plow Pose

This yoga stretch is incredible to stretch your legs, hips and back in a calm and relaxed way.

  1. From the supported shoulder stand, lowering the legs, we find ourselves in the position of the plow.
  2. The neck is elongated and the look is on the navel. To protect the cervical, avoid rotating the head.
  3. The hands support the pelvis and the lower back. At a later time you can stretch your arms on the floor and hands on the ground.
  4. Press on the ground with your toes, lift the coccyx and the quadriceps towards the sky, while the inner part of the thighs is projected towards the pelvis.

13. Yogi squat

This squat activates quadriceps, adductors, buttocks and calves, strengthening also the lumbar area and the abdominals.

  1. Start from the standing position, with the feet shoulder-width apart, the toes slightly open and the heels on the ground.
  2. On the inspiration, the arms are lifted upwards and on the exhale it goes down into squat positions (sitting on the heels).
  3. Keep yourself balanced by pressing your elbows into your knees, bringing your hands together in the prayer position.
  4. After some breathing it is possible to deepen the position: bring the chest forward and replace it, on the sides, with the inside of the thighs.
  5. Hands always in prayer position and forehead resting on the tips of the fingers.

14. Bridge pose

This asana is amazing to stretch your back, work on your lower body and detox too warming up and preparing your body for some surfing!

  1. Start lying in a supine position.
  2. Flex your knees and place your feet on the ground at the width of your pelvis with your arms at your sides in the direction of your heels. The outer part of the feet is parallel.
  3. Push on the feet (especially on the toes), stretch towards the coccyx and lift the pelvis.
  4. Join your hands beneath yourself and, without experiencing any discomfort, bring your shoulders close one at a time. In this position breathe deeply 3 times.


15. Dancer pose

This yoga asanas is amazing for surfers. This is a standing position, which requires a good balance, both physical and mental, and which is used for stretching the muscles of the legs and shoulders.

  1. In Mountain Pose, inhale and move your weight on your right foot. Lift the left foot and bring it to the left buttock by bending the knee.
  2. Keep your right leg firmly supported and straight, and try to keep your upper body in a more upright position.
  3. At this point, take your left hand back and grab the outside of your left foot, or left ankle. To avoid compression of the lumbar vertebrae, actively lift the pubic bone towards the navel and, at the same time, press the sacrum in the direction of the floor.
  4. Begin to lift the left foot upward, away from the mat, and backward, away from the torso.
  5. Extend the left thigh behind you, so that it is parallel to the ground.
  6. Stretch your right arm forward, in front of you, parallel to the ground.
  7. Keep the final position until you can balance effort and relaxation, for at least 10 to 20 seconds, breathing quietly.


Too lazy to read? Watch a video version of Yoga for Surfing:


Original Surf Morocco combines the thrill of surfing and the benefits of Yoga for a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Find out more about our Surf and Yoga Packages, where you really experience a full retreat for the mind, body and soul, in the beautiful sunny beaches of Taghazout.




Best 24 surf waves in Morocco

24 Best surf spots in Morocco 2019

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Morocco has been the top priority of tourists from all over the world especially during the ripe Morocco surf season. This piece of land is exquisitely famous for its lively shores, exhilarating waves and impeccable surfing experiences. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to spend your surf holidays in Morocco, you’d better add it to your vacation goals right now and below are 24 best surf spots in Morocco to visit.

Owing to the rich legacy in surfing sport, Morocco now has established widespread variety of surfing spots. People are often confused about  and, hence, often end up wasting time in figuring out the places to visit during the Morocco surf season. We cut you some slack here and finally make life easier for you in this respect. We have made a list of 24 must-visit surfing spots in Morocco to help you orient yourself wisely before you step on the Moroccan land. Gear up for the roller coaster.

1: Sidi Ifni

sidi ifni surf spot


Having roots in the Spanish colonial history, Sidi Ifni is a mix of heritage and culture. The rushing waves the Atlantis kissing the margins of Sidi Ifni beach welcomes thousands of surf enthusiasts to sniff the air of this marvelous place. The blue and white theme of the building and the turbans of the inhabitants of this area add to the aesthetic beauty.

2: Mirleft


The south of Morocco boasts the coast of Mirleft; a place you can blindly trust for constant flow of all types of tide heights on the beach. Additionally, if you don’t like an over-crowded surfing experience, this is the best spot for you. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and synchronizes well with the tourist moods.

3: Tifnit

tifnit surf spot in Morocco


Appears to be an isolated place but offers one of the strongest high-tide experiences in the whole Morocco. If you have been surfing for quite some time and have a good knack of how to handle such difficulty level well, this is the place for you. The atmosphere is calm and the previous surfers recommend coming here in groups rather than solo adventure.


4: Anza

Anza surf spot in Morocco


Recently, the news that Anza has undergone a cleanliness drive of the shores and the beaches has revived the tradition of beginner level surfing here. The tides are mostly low and offer you a left too. This offers a perfect package for new entrants in the surfing sport in terms of weather, tides, and accommodation facilities in the immediate vicinity.


5: Km 12 (north from Agadir)

Km 12 surf spot in Morocco


As the name suggests, this place is named after its distance from the Agadir- a famous reference spot. The waves here are healthy for both beginners and the intermediate-level surfers. The easy to experience left and the right hand waves of this place make it one of the significant choices for people who want to practice more with their surfing skills.

6: Banana point

banana surf spot in Morocco


A place conceiving many surf schools in its heart, Banana point comes in handy for the beginners to access and exercise their surfing potentials. Taking its name from the adjacent Banana village, this point is a fortunate receiver of the might Northern winds that evoke continuous low tide experience. The shore is ornamented with rocky architecture and pleases the sight water waves clashing magnanimously with it.

7: Spider (between Banana point and Devil’s Rock)

spider surf spot in Morocco


Flaunting its flat sandy floor with rocky consistency, the spider spot halts surfers while moving from Banana point to Devil’s Rock. The wave type is reef break and the direction is mostly rightward and breeds tailor made opportunities for beginners and intermediates.

8: Devil’s Rock

Devil's Rock surf spot in Morocco


Mostly serving as the weekend go-to surfing spot for the locals, Devil’s rock capacitates a good mesh of right and lefts and accommodates beginners in its low tides. The atmosphere is serene and the local café by the side is always the best relaxing haven after all day physical exertion on the beach.

9: CroCro surf Spot

Cro Cro surf spot in Morocco


It lies almost 15 km North of Agadir and is a welcoming spot for both beginners and advanced surfers. With a bit off shore wind, CroCro is equipped with luxurious accommodation hotels and restaurants to keep you engaged with the vibrant life on the beach.

10: Panorama

Panorama's surf spot in Morocco


Marking the South end of the Taghazout village, the Panorama spot often offers tides that are difficult to peddle and, hence, invite expert surf groups with conquerable challenges. The beginners can also try their luck on smoother parts of the shore. Lunch at the Panorama café is a usual highlight for the surfers coming from all over the places. A short trip to the Paradise valley nearby deserves a shot.

11: Hash Point

Hash point surf spot in Morocco


The sun disseminates its setting beauty to the fullest at this point of the shore. The locals are extremely friendly and the restaurants in the ambiance are full of life. Those inhabiting areas of Taghazout village find it the most interesting place to surf. The tides vary for mid to high so you can fit in accordingly.


12: Anchor Point

Anchor point surf spot in Morocco


This venue is famous for its speed walls and cutback hooks coming in successive waves to the hit the shore. The spot often gets busy and the aura it creates is worth living in. The difficulty level of surfing here is high and legend has it that the first ones to surf Anchor point were Australians back in 1960’s. So, if you are in mood of a roller costar surfing ride experience, this is your spot.

13: Mystery



The Mystery spot received offshore winds from the north east owing to its central location in Morocco. Winter is the most suitable season to come and surf here. The surf is inconsistent and the rocky margins are to be taken care of while sporting.

14: La Source

La source surf spot in Morocco


A place embellished with fresh water springs around the rocky shores and the flexible A-frame lifts that entertain enthusiasts of all expertise levels; La Source is a gem of a spot. This place has this special aesthetic appeal in terms of architecture, beach resorts, people, flora, and heritage, entitling it as the heaven of the surfers in Morocco. It is situated 3 km away from Taghazout and is the most tranquil area of the shore.

15: Killer point

Killer point surf spot in Morocco


It owes its name to the group of occasionally approaching Killer whales at this part of the ocean. Receiving a major chunk of North-West swells, the tides approaching the shores often create an erroneous illusion of their magnanimity, but in reality, they sometimes have the capacity to host a great number of intermediate level surfers as well. The strength of the waves consistently hitting the rocky margins of the coast is often reported to have rumbled the rock walls to the target point.

16: Dracula

Draculas surf spot in Morocco


The overall testing surroundings at this spot invite the strong hearted only; the hardly rightward pushes, the tide heights, the vampire teeth resembling rock structures, all add up to the toughness of the aura here. The wonderful barrels of Dracula spot are not only picturesque but also worth witnessing personally. These features equate it to the Boilers spot and, hence, it is acclaimed as its Evil Twin.


17: Boilers

Boilers surf spot in Morocco


The marginal hills that bounce the trade winds at this powerful right-hander venue augment the thrilling theme. A ship boiler lying south of the lighthouse of Cap Rhir gives this signature title to this place. This place hosts one of the best waves in Morocco. The huge vertical walls plummeting down from the mountain slopes crash the bottom to generate typical advanced level surfing tides.

18: La Boue

A land piece famous for its agriculturally rich soil and its deeply rooted cultural heritage in the French architecture and occasional dialects, La boue is an inherent incentive for every surfer to explorer. Fair place that attracts experienced surfers more.

19: Tamri

Tamri surf spot in Morocco


Home to flamingoes and camels, Tamri is a constant fun throughout the year. The strong left currents are a salient feature of this beach break but beginners can enjoy slight rightward pushes as well. Tamri lies on the Northern side of the coast and it gives a beautiful bird’s eye view when seen from above the cliff tops surrounding this area.

20: La Bea (IMSOUANE)

The bay surf spot in Morocco


You haven’t seen Morocco if you haven’t surfed here. This place is a hub of all day surfing session with maximum variety of waves, esp. the famous longest wave of Morocoo. Locally, this place is known to be a small fish village but hosts experienced surfers from around the globe. Your tour package to this place ought to include all day surfs, trip to Agadir and Paradise valley, and customary Yoga sessions that prepare surfers for their real actions.

21: Cathedral (IMSOUANE)

Cathedral imsouane surf spot in Morocco


Famous for its right hand point break, Cathedral Spot in Imsouance exists in the north-west swells of the Moroccan coast. It is an intermediate beach spot for body boarders. The rightward winds are strong and powerful while left sided shoes a pleasing reef break.

22: Sidi Kaouki

sidi kaouki surf spot in Morocco


This spot speaks much about Bohemian culture and white washed walls. If you like some privacy and meaningful solitude garnished upon your self-scheduled surfing activities this year, you go for this place. In addition, what might add to the spice of your stay here are the popular camel and horse rides along the coast line.

23: Essaouira

essaouira surf spot in Morocco


The North Eastern winds have a strong hold over the surfing abilities in this region of the coastline. It appears as it has been preserved well after the European influence of seaport culture back in 18th century. It is indeed an all-year consistent beach break and is seldom crowded. Hence, a fair place to inhabit during Morocco surf season.

24: Safi

Safi surf spot in Morocco


Experienced surfers term Safi as the best right hand in Morocco. Those who know the potential of Safi will never miss a stay here during their surf tour. The best seasons to surf here are winter and autumn.

Healthy Surf and Yoga Holiday Meals

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Man is a physical, mental, and spiritual being. Exercises like aerobics and other stuff only promote physical being but surfing and yoga establish a balance between all three. Yoga and surfing are a lot alike as both require:

  • Perfect equilibrium and harmony
  • Immense concentration
  • Personal power
  • Self-awareness and control

And helps to reduce stress and remove negative blocks from our mind and toxins from our body. All this costs a lot of energy.

Nothing can equate the fun of breaking through the glorious waves on your surfing board. He who is tired of surfing is tired of life, but what to do when you are tired after surfing? The vegan surf camp is your answer. Like any other exercise, surfing is equally tiring and consumes your energy rapidly. Even eating a well-balanced routine diet is not enough to compensate for the energy consumed during surfing. You need quality carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats, and fluids to keep up with increasing demand for surfing. Vegetarian yoga surf camp provides you the best diet plans and food that will keep you running through your fun surfing period. It also helps to regain all your lost calories instantly without the fear of putting on weight. Same goes for yoga too.

The goal of our vegetarian surf yoga camp retreat in Morocco is to ensure a healthy and happy life for our surfers. Our meals are not only delicious but we also aim to boost your health, increase your stamina and enhance your recovery too. Adding these little boosts of the vegan surf and yoga camp to your life in general, and especially for surfers, can act as big step towards a happy life:

  • Drink 50 ounces of water as the first thing after waking up in the morning. It removes all the toxins from your body and bathes your cells.
  • Protein shake from raw live proteins like dates, almonds, and banana gives your muscles the required nutrients and boost the need.
  • Eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seed as this helps you replenish alkaline and enzyme stores.
  • A healthy breakfast rich in cereals, beans, vegetables, and fruits with reduced fat fills your body with a positive energy and tons of reserves.

You can lose 1200 to 2400 calories per hour between the needs of your mind and body while surfing or performing yoga. So, it is necessary to quickly replenish the lost calories. Vegan surf yoga camp retreats Morocco is the best guide for you to replenish the calorie loss maintaining the slimness and shape. With our food and diet plan, you not only regain the lost calories and nutrients quickly but also enhance your stamina and, hence, live a happy life.

During surfing or yoga, exercise vegans yoga surf camp advises you to take:

  • 500 ml sports drink
  • 1 sports bar or 1.5 cereals bar
  • 200 mg beans which keep your body well hydrated and supplies quick energy to your body
  • 1 large banana during or before surfing gives you extra potassium to avoid early cramping
  • Nuts are rich in instant calories

Vegan yoga surf retreat Morocco with their well-balanced food for your super-surf and yoga helps you enjoy to the max.

Is drinking a lot and keeping yourself well fed enough to recover from such strenuous exercises like surfing or yoga? What to do during break days? Eat randomly? Our vegetarian surf camp at Morocco not only provides you with a well-balanced after-surf and during surf holiday diet plan but also supplies you delicious and nutrient-rich meals, so that you enjoy every bit of your life happily. Here are the items you should eat after surfing or during surfing holidays to keep your body in shape, healthy and active as well as replenish your lost nutrients and calories:

  • Drinks: As sweating leads to dehydration and loss of micronutrients, vegan surf camp advises you to drink a lot of water and energy drinks but avoid too hot or cold drinks and alcohol.
  • Nutritional shakes and smoothies: These shakes and smoothies are made with natural vegetables and fruits and are rich in taste and provides all the essential vitamins too.
  • Protein shakes: Vegan surf yoga camp protein shakes not only provides raw proteins to your muscles but are enriched in nutrients usually lost during exercise. This helps you recover faster.
  • High glycemic food: Immediately after the surfing the initial 30-45 minutes are called the window periods as the food is eaten during this period has maximum effect. Sugary snack, doughnuts, croissant, muffins, crumpets, honey, jam, syrup, baked potato, sweet potato, chicken breast are recommended by vegetarian surf camp to regain maximum lost energy quickly.
  • Low glycemic food: Meals like whole grain bread, High-fiber cereal, Oatmeal, ground flaxseed, Fresh berries, yogurt, granola most fruits, vegetables, and Nuts are rich in calories and low in fats and are the best way to quickly replenish your lost energy without the fear of putting on weight.
  • Lean proteins: Seafood, eggs, poultry, beans, and cheese provides you pure proteins with minimum fats to help your body build muscles and shape.
  • Fruits: Both fresh and dry fruits are essential in after surfing diet plan of vegan surfing yoga camp as these are rich in alkalines to counter the lactic acid buildup in muscles while surfing.
  • Vegetables: Fresh leafy vegetables provide you all the essential vitamins and minerals and help your body recover faster.
  • Low-fat diet: Reducing milk, yogurt, and oils from your diet are essential as these contain fats which are not good for health and increases your weight as well.
  • Seeds and beans: Though small in size but these are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Half serving of soybeans contains 14 grams of protein and eight grams of fiber, along with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Superfoods: These are the foods with multiple benefits and are considered as complete and balanced foods for humans like avocados, garlic, blueberries, goji berries, oily fish, adzuki beans, tomatoes, quinoa, broccoli etc.

Health is the true essence of life. Enjoying life without the fear of damaging health is the prime goal of all humans. Vegetarian surf yoga camp with its delicious and healthy meals help you live a happy healthy life.

Why Surf Holiday in Morocco ?

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Original Surf camp invites you to a surf holiday in the most amazing and peaceful waters of Morocco with amazing landscapes and the perfect blend of cultural heritage. While traveling south from Europe, Morocco is the first place one hits. It is separated from Europe by straits of Gibraltar and is bordered by Algeria in the East, the Atlantic Ocean in the West and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in the South. The Atlantic Ocean in the west and south of Morocco (Le Grand Sud/the Great South) are the main areas for surfing. These areas also include the South region of High Atlas.


surf spot in Morocco

There are numerous surfing spots all the way along Morocco coast but South Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir have high-quality waves for a great surf holiday. The land of point breaks, Morocco, is riddled with spots in the south around the Agadir coastline area. Agadir coastline has uncrowded waves.

It’s extremely foolish to work hard for getting crowded waves in Morocco. Original Surf Morocco camparranges the most peaceful and uncrowded waves for you so that you can surf without any interference and fully enjoy the best surf season of the world. Waves are empty around every corner and even in winter, these waves are warm, peaceful and alluring.

Crowd and population are unimaginable in Morocco during the famous Morocco surf season, but Original Surf Morocco camp provides the perfect empty waves in South of Morocco to every single surfer, and our surf and yoga camp promises to provide every surfer with a totally new or the least surfed spot to make surfing experience incredible. Original Surf Morocco guides also make sure that you are fully prepared and equipped with important things.


  1. Suitable accommodation for all tastes and budgets:

Surf accommodation

Taghazout region and its related tourism industries have plenty of accommodation varieties in the area. They always have something for everyone according to their taste and budget. Morocco surf season adventures are very popular and economical. These accommodations are dream surfing camp accommodations especially for those tourists who are more likely to have a social vibe.

Being a dry country, Morocco does not provide the opportunities of partying hard but ensures a beautiful and great way of meeting new people and becoming friends with them. Native Moroccans are not allowed to buy alcohol but tourists who come to surf in Morocco can keep and stock their alcohol stores.

If you are new to surfing and want to get a good hold on these surfs, our Morocco Surf School will make your learning journey safe and joyous. Whether you are just trying to get a bottom turning hang or hoping for a furtive slab of your mettle, Original Surf Holiday camp keeps it comfortable and joyful for you.

Nowadays, low coast airline companies that fly every day from main cities of Europe offer cheap flight prices to the tourists even during Morocco surf season.


  1. Alluring warm water on sunny winter days:


Morocco surf season achieves the all-time peak in winter. In winter, a powerful storm hits the Atlantic Ocean at regular intervals, therefore winter is the best season for the tourists to enjoy good surf holiday and high-quality waves. In December and January Peniche languishes, Portugal surf capital has a chilly air of 8-9 °C temperature but winter weather of Taghazout is more enticing for the Moroccan tourists.

Here, in winter, the daytime air temperature ranges from 18- 20 degree Celsius and water temperature never falls below 16 degree Celsius. So, our professional surf guides at Original surf camp suggest that the tourists only need a 2mm thick wetsuit or can use a shorty for most of the times. We know that it’s not as warm as that of Indian Ocean Board to wear shorts but its exciting waves and peaceful environment attracts the most professional surfers to Morocco. And in autumn, it actually feels really good to sense warm and clean freshness of Atlantic Ocean washing over you after a long and hot summer.


  1. Waves for every surfer:

surf waves morocco

Original surf camp provides you water which is not only warm but is rich in waves with levels according to one’s expertise. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you are guaranteed to have the best surf of your life in this mesmerizing city.

A mythical surfer place Taghazout near Tamaraght, 10 minutes north of Agadir is the best place for surfing in Morocco. Original surf camp also arranges surfs to other amazing places like Banana, Devil’s Rock, and Panorama, so that our surfers get the best!

If you are a beginner and planning to dig your feet for the first time, Original surf school Morocco has the most peaceful and safe waves, so that you learn without any fear. And for surfing pros, our surf school promises the most exciting and sky-kissing waves to make your experience incredible.

Original Surf school Morocco has the most professional instructors which will make your learning smooth and polish your experience to new levels. Plan today with Original surf camp and get ready for the most exciting surf holiday of your life at the bewitching Morocco surf spots. Our professional surf guide will look for the best spots according to your level and desires so that you get the best service with us. We endeavour to make your surf holiday a memorable experience of your life.


  1. A great surfing excursion with incredible cultural heritage:

excursion morocco

Original Morocco surf camp invites you to the most popular land for surfing- Morocco. With the most amazing surfing spots in the world and stunning cultural and architectural heritage, you are up to an amazing surfing excursion. Enjoy the waves in the sunny winter days but do keep some spare time to get acquaintance with this amazing land of cultural and architectural wonders.

Professional guides are there to help you explore the most stunning places in Morocco and admire the aesthetic sense of this fascinating country. Besides, the food here is as amazing as the friendly culture.

Original surf camp arranges the most amazing excursions where you can enjoy cliff jumping in amazing Paradise Valley, sand-surfing and explore the cities like Essaouira, Agadir, and Leghzira. When surfers are all exhausted they are offered delicious native foods which they can never resist.


  1. Safe and welcoming like your hometown:

surf morocco

Morocco is as safe as your hometown and we leave no stone unturned in attracting surfers from all parts of the world. Amazing landscapes, mountain-jumping, stunning cultural and architectural heritage and safe warm waters make Morocco a paradise for surfers.

Surf camp Morocco warmly welcomes the tourists and their hospitality and friendly behavior is admired all around the world. Visit Original Morocco surf camp today for a safe and pleasant surfing experience. We have everything covered to make your surfing adventure unforgettable.

Our professional guides are always by your side to keep you safe. These waters are warm and alluring with waves which can mesmerize you and your family. Beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and sandy beaches add charm to your journey.


Feel free to come to Morocco with your family and friends to book most amazing surfing trips! The waters are as save as any other part of the world but the amazing culture and delicious food make this place irresistible.

Original surf and yoga camp in Morocco provides you a golden opportunity of your life to plan the most incredible surfing holiday of your life with your family and friends. From safe and affordable Morocco flights to safe and uncrowded waves even during the peak Morocco surf seasonOriginal surf and yoga camp in Morocco has you covered.

Every individual of Original surf camp strives hard to make your surf holiday experience unforgettable. And if you are a professional, we provide you the most exciting and sky-kissing waves which will fill your surfing experience with thrill and adventure.

Besides surfing in Morocco, taking sun baths in sandy beaches and boating in the most peaceful waters of the world are the most pleasant ways to spend your leisure time. You can go base jumping in most beautiful valleys or explore the amazing cultural and architectural heritage, this country always has something to fascinate you. Contact utoday and get the most exclusive surf and/or yoga packages for your family and friends. It costs less when the fun is unlimited and you are promised to have unlimited fun with Original Surf & yoga Camp, Morocco.

surf & yoga seaside holiday in Morocco

A seaside holiday to change your life

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Seaside holidays can be an important opportunity to regenerate the body and the psychophysical well-being. The sea is also a great solution for those who want to lose weight and feel better. In fact, iodine and other salts contained in the air that can be breathed in the sea are very important to trigger our metabolism blocked or subject to slow rhythms. Sea water is good for health as it is able to favor fluid drainage. A nice swim can be a real touch against the water retention and swelling that

this can cause. Linking the benefits of the sea with sport is ideal for achieving the

right physical and mental well-being. Among the sports that can be practiced at the seaside, the surf occupies a prominent position as it reveals a complete physical activity that can bring many benefits to our body and also to the mind. What if you can add to surf some yoga and live one life-changing experience?

Psycho-physical balance with surf

Surfing practice allows you to maintain concentration, coordination and balance skills in training. It is a really functional activity that can be very useful in downloading all the tensions we are subjected to during our work. That’s why just surfing is the right idea to find the right psycho-physical balance, which allows us to go back to the usual commitments. The benefits of this magnificent sport do not stop there. Surfing can be an excellent system for toning the body and promoting muscle development. Additionally, the physical effort you have to use to overcome water resistance allows you to dispose of excess calories and tone your entire body. To be able to overcome your physical limits, have control of your balance and mind, many of the world’s most famous surfers, such as the American Kelly Slater, have been practicing yoga for years. The interest in the joint practice of the two disciplines is at the moment on the crest of the wave, but how are the two disciplines affected, how do they correlate? Let’s find it out together.

Surf and yoga: the perfect combo

It depends on the need to not entrust our lives to others and to have the tools to discover the strength we have as individuals: in listening to yourself, our authentic life, or Dharma. The practice of yoga influences all the fields of our existence: it starts from the ground exercises to gain a deeper understanding of our nutrition, the way it communicates and interacts with others, moving around the world and with it of life. But as you begin this journey you start from the mat to explore our physical limits, practice after practice, out of our comfort zones. Personal awareness makes a transformation take place; you have to make your own journey, clear the holes of your story and leave behind the past.


Yogi’s life

Those who practice yoga learn to breathe consciously increases their flexibility and balance: energy circulates through the breath and asana, the practice of the different positions of yoga. You get what is called mental focus. Breath and mental

focus are aptitudes that could be very useful when you are on a board on the ridge of a wave and on a wall of water meters. Concentration is crucial to sport performance and yoga practice is useful to

those who practice surfing because it prepares the body for sports activity, reduces the risk of accidents due to the heating phase before entering the water and after the surf session to lengthen the muscles contracted by the effort. The day after a long practice in the water you will feel the real benefits. There are sequences for those who have to go in the water and surf: heats the body and reinforces the affected areas: shoulders, ankeles and even strengthen the core, ir the belly, and the legs. After the sessions in the water stretch the affected muscle bands, the cervical area, the lumbar region and the arms. By secular tradition, yoga is an initiatory discipline, you have to follow the steps of a professional instructor to understand and practice the position correctly. For this and so much more our team will be there for you!

Yoga is a union with all elements of nature and living creatures. There is a flow, with yoga, breath, body and mind, a powerful and delicate flow at the same time. When surfing you feel the same flow: it connects with elements of nature, in a dance similar to Surya Namaskara – Sun Salutation. The surfer moves in the waves in a position similar to those of the Downward Facing Dog, to go under the waves and a similar position to the Upward Facing Dog to go over the waves and, to stand and maintain balance on your board you have standing position such as Warrior II and III: all these postures are in connection with the breath and movement in a profound communion with the ocean. The yoga practice, before and after the surf, allows the body of the surfer to be connected and tuned.

Choose a total body and mind experience

Surfing makes us rejuvenate, cleanses and helps our body get rid of stress and toxins. Already being alone in salty water is invigorating; when you are having a good workout, riding the waves and surfing with friends makes this activity fun and exciting. Being in the ocean and riding the waves can help to reflect as the ocean is a place to tune in and focus. This is also true for yoga. It is usually a matter of intimate personal reflection, but in a group, with friends or with a partner, it can be very pleasant and stimulating. Strength and balance are, moreover, two fundamental points, key words, both in surf and yoga. For good mastery of movements, you must have strength in the muscles of the legs and elasticity in the ligaments of the knees, ankles and ankles. To practice surfing you need to be flexible and responsive: with yoga you can improve on all fronts and also avoid overloads and fatigue on back, lumbar, shoulders

surf and yoga holiday in Tamraght

How to prepare to your surf and yoga holiday in a proper way

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If you are up to a surf and yoga holiday there are some things you should keep in mind to really make the most of this experience. Let’s find out together what we are talking about with our list!

1. The Right Mood


To really get ready to your surf and yoga holiday you should start practicing both disciplines on a daily basis and take your time to understand what this experience is about. You have to consider it as a chance to reconnect, to challenge both your body and soul, to grow a little bit at a more precious level. You have to face this trip with an open mind, an open heart and ready to nourishing yourself with all the good things you are going to learn, to experience and live during your days-off by the sea. Settle a little routine waking up early, try to spend most of your time outdoor to start reconnecting to nature, to the world and the whole universe. You don’t have to push too hard on yourself during these days but, instead, be gentle and commit to a gentle and easy yoga practice and choose some easy scenario to surf just as a warm up to your next adventure. The most important thing during these preparation days is your commitment: try to be persistent and present during your time on both the mat and the surfboard. Some time is better to spend some short quality time than hours of random practice. Of course, if you need that you have to go for it. These amazing disciplines are strictly related to your inner vibe, to your body and mind so you have to really feel when it’s the right time to practice and you have to respect your body and mind when it comes to your own limits. Once you accept them and you work on your little obstacles you find all over your journey, you will be ready to go beyond and to grow, learning something more a little bit, every day.


2. Body Ready


Before heading to this incredible surf and yoga experience your body has to be ready to the huge amount of activity and physical presence you have to put in this type of journey. Don’t underestimate the importance of a full, rich and various nutrition plan eating all the veggies, a tons of proteins and staying hydrated all over the preparation.

3. Workout to Surf


Elasticity is the ability of muscles to relax and tend to be a fundamental asset in table sports especially in its freestyle component, all centered on twisting, contractions and stretches, the tension phase should be reduced through appropriate exercises involving hands, wrists, forearms, biceps and triceps in the arms, dorsal and abdominal muscles with weights. Strength, composed of power, resistance and coordination, is paramount in all disciplines. The ability to lead the table and body with the right strength, speed and sensitivity determines the ability to close the various radical maneuvers as well as to perform aerials or other tricks.

Resistive force is achieved thanks to repeated loads, isometry and natural-weight training without weights, while the explosive force is trained with submaximal loads with repetitions that are exhausted, performed quickly or with plyometric exercises. So three weekly weight training sessions by subdividing muscle groups appropriately during the three appointments with the gym are ideal for your workout to which you will need to add a portion of aerobic activity (cyclists, racing, etc.) to maintain weight and make “breath”.


4. Learn How to Warm up Before your Surfing Session


This will be crucial and fundamental to your surfing experience. You will have our team to support you but it would be better to really know how to boost your movement with a perfect execution. Warming up (10/15 minutes max) before entering the water is essential, as it allows your muscles to be “ready to use” as soon as you put your feet in the water. Especially in the winter if you do not get warmed up, your muscles may start cramping because of the cold water as you start your first arm. Heating consists of exercises, muscle actions and physical activity that aim to increase body temperature and facilitate neuro-muscular conduction. This can be done with some free-body exercise, a lightweight stretch and some stretching exercises dedicated to the limbs and major muscle groups (pectorals, backbones, legs).

The warm up is often overlooked due to lack of time and desire, yet warming is a fundamental part of training (sea or gym) and must therefore be addressed with caution.

The benefits are many: prevention of muscular injuries, especially if the sea exit is particularly demanding (wind and waves). Your warm up is critical to reducing accidents and sports trauma due to its ability to decrease muscle viscosity and lactate formation at the start of performance. Finally, warming raises body temperature, reducing the frictions at the articular level, while biochemical reactions are favored at the muscle level.These preps are perfect to perform in a gym or at home, at your own pace as we know that

it’s not so easy sometime to have the right outdoor scenario or even the sea nearby where you live, especially if you live in a city! These preparation will be what you need to get ready before heading the incredible beach that will host you for your surf and yoga holiday with us.

If you need some more action to your routine try to add some running session, some treadmill and of course, some swimming session as its fundamental to get ready to make it to your board if it slipped away and you have to endurance your strength and resistance.


5. Yoga Sessions to Insert Daily to your Routine


Create a little and easy routine to warm up your body: do a series of Sun Salutations, which awaken your muscles, toning and improving elasticity. To keep the muscles and backbone flexible, there are good positions for a torso twist. For example, Matsyendrasana, which tones the abdomen and relieves back pain. Useful to increase the elasticity of the back are also other positions stretching the back and neck, correcting the posture: for example, Utthita Parsvakonasana and Utthita Trikonasana. Both asanas tone and strengthen the muscles of the back of the body, and in addition, being standing posture, improves the sense of balance and strengthens the legs, ankles, calves.

Doing yoga before and after the practice of surfing will help you achieve perfect performances: eliminates the pain that might prevent you from surfing the best way it helps to improve lung capacity, thus increasing resistance increases strength in the arms, agility in the movements improves strength and post-workout recovery allows you to have your mind relaxed and concentrated, even in the most demanding situations It is not indispensable to be yoga experts, the important thing is to perform the positions properly, to enhance the surf experience.



6. A Little Meditation to Boost your Focus


If you want to take things to the other level before heading to your surf and yoga holiday you can add some meditation to your regular daily routine. As we all know surf requires a lot of concentration and mental focus and, especially before jumping on your board and ride the waves, you need to stay calm and relaxed with a mindful and synchronized breath together with the moves.

Meditation can be a useful tool even to face the entire journey in a positive and zen attitude, something that can be really helpful to really embrace this experience in a proper way. Try to meditate at least 5 minutes a day, first thing in the morning or before heading to bed setting an intention and focusing on how you really feel at that specific moment in time and be mindful and ready to accept what’s next.


A Day in the Life: Moroccan Holiday

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Endless sunshine, local cuisine and camel rides might be the first things that come to mind when you think of a Moroccan holiday. If you’ve never been to a surf camp before you may be wondering what a day in the life entails here at Original Surf. Look no further, we’re here to give you the full down low on a day in the life – from sunrise yoga to late night card games…

We like to start our mornings out pretty relaxed by hanging on the terrace with a tea before breakfast or joining in sunrise yoga at 7.30am in the rooftop shala with our resident yoga teacher. The class is typically a slow flow to get the body moving and grooving while still preserving our surf energy for the day ahead. The backdrop from the shala is like no other with a 360 degree view of Tamraght and the sweeping African coastline that seems to go as far and wide as the “om” chanted in class.

Yoga retreat holiday original surf morocco
Yoga class at Original Surf Morocco terrace


After working up an appetite, breakfast is served at 8.30am on the rooftop. Prepare yourself for a treat! Our local Moroccan chef, Omar, outdoes himself with a new creation every morning. You’ll find the table cladden with mint tea, spicy coffee, local fruits, eggs, fresh bread, pancakes or crepes and a whole variety of dips to put your own twist on the meal. Surf fuel, check.

Around 9.45am we’ll wander downstairs to meet up with our surf instructors to get suited up for the day. They’ll help you pick out the proper wetsuit and surfboard before loading up the surf van, turning up the jams and driving out to the beach.

If you’re brand new to surfing, have no fears! Junior and Yassine are experienced instructors who know everything about the local breaks. They’re ready to get you standing up and catching waves on day one. After a dynamic group warm up on the beach we’ll practice paddling and pop-ups on land before dragging our boards out into the ocean. The super coaches will be alongside you all morning, pushing you into the perfect waves and yelling “stand up” at just the right moment. Be sure to listen up for the cheers when you finally catch that first wave all the way to shore. After a morning of practice we park ourselves onshore for a well deserved lunch and lounge under the sun. The afternoon is your free time to practice surfing on your own.

original surf camp Tamraght
Surfing class


After heading back to camp around 4pm we’ll have free time to r&r, join tea time or explore the local village. If you’ve taken it easy and have energy for a walk we’d recommend heading down to catch the sunset on Devil’s Rock or taking a camel ride down the beach. Just be sure to head back to camp around 7pm for dinner at 7.30pm. If you’ve never had traditional Moroccan cuisine you’re in for a treat! You’ll find fresh bread, salad, and tajine which is a North African stew of spiced meat and vegetables prepared by slow cooking in a shallow dish with a lid that looks similar to a volcano. Fresh avocado or papaya smoothies, fruit salad or mint cake are on the menu for dessert.

Following dinner we’ll flick through the surf photos from the day and get some feedback on how to improve. The rest of the evening is yours to play card games, chill out on the terrace with a bonfire or head into to Agadir to check out the nightlife. Beware of the card games as we play with Moroccan rules that usually include the loser dancing or singing along to bad 80’s music with half the room laughing and secretly hoping they don’t lose the next round. Be sure to catch enough zzz’s to wake up and hit the repeat button again the next day!

Improve your surf paddle!

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Have you ever felt out of breath in the early minutes of a normal surf session? Are your arms in pain?

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in the line-up.
Whether you’re escaping from a freak set or paddling for a small, mushy, summer wave, you’ll need well-trained arms and lungs. And don’t forget to maintain a correct body positioning on the surfboard.

We’ve all had the feeling at one point. That feeling when all you can see is whitewater and oncoming sets, and your arms feel like they can’t move. You’re trying to paddle, but you don’t seem to be moving forward, and that damn burn in your arms and shoulders just won’t subside.

Of course, the most efficient method to improve your surf paddling endurance is to be in the water, and paddle, and then paddle some more. But, for most of us, that’s not always possible. What we can do is try to mimic the biomechanics and energy pathways that paddling requires. I would also recommend just going for a paddle, even if it’s flat, and get in some on-the-water paddling time.

If you cannot always practice in the water, you can do it in a swimming-pool or at the gym.



Do you live near a swimming pool? Schedule a one-hour intensive training, twice a week, with short and fast sprints. With time, you’ll be generating more speed per stroke.

Paddling is a combination of what we term “open-chain” and “closed-chain” movements – pulling movements to be more specific. Open-chain means you’re pulling an object towards the body, like a one-arm cable pull. Closed-chain means you’re pulling the body towards a fixed object, like a chin-up. Paddling is a combination of those movements.

Extend your arm, open your torso and focus on a determined, deep stroke, with full physical commitment. Fingers are decisive. Although you might initially feel that closed fingers are more effective, science has a different winning formula. Researchers have proved that the optimal width between fingers is 20 to 40 percent. Timing is also critical. Make sure your non-paddling arm is not causing drag. As for your paddling arm, bend the elbow, lift the chest and push the body up.

You’ll notice that your hip will be almost touching your hand by the end of each stroke. With your body perfectly aligned on the surfboard, you’ll soon start to feel that you’re paddling faster, one stroke at a time, and steadily developing muscle memory.

When the wave comes, prepare for an extra boost, maintaining balance over the board and performing a down-up chest movement in the critical pop-up moment. If you lift the chest too much, the surfboard’s tail will sink in the water, causing drag.

Open and closed chain exercises and bodybuilding-type workouts will be useful for extraordinary results, useful if you really want to win all paddle battles against the fittest surfers. Improving your swim strokes means catching more and better waves. Paddle power is not a technique; rather it is the result of a quality fitness workout.

But the best way to improve i t is to join us in the water! #ComeJoinUs@Original Surf Morocco!

Post-Surf Moroccan Refreshers

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After a long salty surf day the body and soul are in desperate need of some refreshing nutrition. Here, at Original Surf Morocco we know where to find the perfect spots for that. One of these spots is to be found in Aourir, or better, Banana village, a village named after its populous banana population. Apart from their multiple banana plantations, the village also offers the best smoothie bar in town.

Hidden between the colorful roadside stands you can get one of the most popular drinks of the country, the creamy healthy avocado smoothie. This traditional Moroccan drink contains three simple ingredients: milk, avocado and sugar or honey. According to the size of the avocado the amount of sugar and milk will be determined for the correct consistency and sweetness. The Banana village bar provides an extra touch to this traditional drink by adding crushed almonds, raisins and walnuts to the mix. It may sound sweet but after a few hours of catching waves there is nothing more tasteful and healthy than this life elixir. The latter proves itself since the avocado is one of the most nutrient dense fruits on the planet. It contains an abundance of Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and in lesser levels Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and zinc. Further health benefits are the protection of the heart, faster absorption of nutrients, regulation of cholesterol levels, eye protection and loss of weight.
However, if you think these avocado benefits are not sufficient for a fully natural energy boost, the bar also offers other blends with avocado. To name a few of my favourites, the  avocado-banana smoothie, the avocado-strawberry-banana smoothie and last but not least the avocado-date smoothie. If you want to experience drinking this life elixir in our natural surf environment, come and join our camp Original Surf Morocco!

Meeting the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

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When I first pulled up to Original Surf Morocco a week ago, I had no idea what the next 3 months of living here might bring.

I’d never traveled so far from home alone before, never been to Morocco or Africa. You might say I was just the tiniest bit nervous!

Yet this past week has been more eye-opening, expansive and joyful than I could’ve possibly imagined.

This past week has reminded me of a fundamental principle behind surfing, yoga, and really all of life:

Real growth begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Take the leap, explore what lies behind the wall of your fear, and you will be rewarded!

This is a part of why I am so addicted to both surfing and yoga: they are infinite in their capacity to continually push us and catalyze growth.

No matter how talented of a surfer one might be, there is always be a bigger, heavier wave to ride.

And no matter how long one has been practicing yoga, there is always a more difficult shape to explore, a deeper breath to take, a more subtle layer of one’s own experience to face.

Our experience with these practices is an ebb and flow between continually being humbled by how much we’ve got left to go, and being directly rewarded for the time and effort we’ve put in.

But that next big wave or deep pose can be quite intimidating – and sometimes we let our fear get the best of us. I think it is the natural human tendency to crave security, comfort, and stability. 

Yet as time passes, and we observe the unfolding mosaic of our own lives, we can begin to see that life is inherently unstable. Everything is in constant flux, always changing, and all forms of life must live, die and flow on.

In a holistic, full lifestyle practice of yoga, we are given the trying task of facing a difficult question through our own experience:

If everything is constantly changing and nothing lasts, what is it that stays the same?

Here is a final quote to contemplate, on the importance of diving head first into life:

“Nature loves courage.
You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles.
Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up.
This is the trick.
This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood.
This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall.
This is how magic is done.
By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”

-Terence McKenna