When the Sea is Flat: Adventures in Morocco

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While our stretch of Moroccan coastline is blessed with consistent year-round waves, occasionally the sea is too flat or windy to surf. Luckily, there are adventures in Morocco and countless other enriching ways to spend your time here in Morocco!

Here is a list of our top 5 favorite things to do when we can’t surf:

       1. Visit Paradise Valley

Steeped in lush canyons and natural swimming holes, Paradise Valley holds true to its’ name!

This is the perfect place to experience the natural beauty of Morocco away from the coastline. Here we enjoy climbing, hiking, swimming, and for the extreme dare devils, cliff jumping!


       2. Seaside Camel Rides

For anyone visiting Morocco for the first time, experiencing a camel ride is an absolute must!

These gentle giants take travelers up and down the beach and beyond – an awesome way to watch the sunset.



       3. Hammam – The Bathhouse Experience 

Hammam is the authentic Moroccan bathhouse experience.

Treat yourself to this reinvigorating journey through increasingly heated steam rooms and a full body scrub down if you like.

Hammam is a regular part of the local people’s lifestyle, so it’s a great way to experience a taste of authentic Moroccan culture! 



       4. Moroccan Markets

Moroccan markets are infamous for being filled with everything one can dream of and more – from exotic spices, local art, and fresh delicacies of every sort, a traveler might even feel a bit overwhelmed by this bustling scene!



       5. Dive Deeper into Your Yoga Practice

Here at Original Surf Morocco, our teachers offer personalized instruction to help you cultivate a deeper connection to your own body, mind and soul.

When there are no waves, it is the perfect time to explore how your practice can bring nourishment to all aspects of your life.