Trusting the Waves

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It all seems so great, surfing and sunshine…but for those that are new to the sport there can be that feeling of intimidation of the big blue sea.

Yes. You have the excitement and adventure of going surfing for the first time yet you may still be feeling anxiety about paddling out for the first time. Well, congrats to you for trying something new! If it’s one thing all surfers have learned it is to respect nature. You must learn to watch the tides, understand her rhythm and then let your fears go!

Having a surf coach to prepare you for the adventure definitely takes away a lot of your first time woes, after all they are the pro.

So, how can I learn to trust the waves? You say. You begin by just going for it. Once you learn the basics of paddling out and standing up on your board a few times you just start to get into the groove. You will gain confidence by falling and getting back up again, so just have fun! As Phil Edwards says, ” The best surfer is the one out there having the most fun.” We all have to start somewhere. Also, be sure to stretch well before and after surf so that you keep your body in the best shape to catch that next wave.

Below are photos of some of our guests having fun on the waves.


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