At Original Surf Morocco we pride ourselves on bringing you delicious, healthy food to fuel you for yoga and surfing. Every day we visit the local markets and select the freshest, best-quality produce to ensure you are well nourished during your stay.

You will enjoy a huge variety of traditional Moroccan and fusion dishes, all prepared from scratch with love by our local chefs. We are used to catering for a range of special diets, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free – just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


The full breakfast served at Original Surf is of Moroccan and European influence. We prepare our food carefully, so that it comes together to give you healthy and fresh cuisine. It is perfect to refuel you, and the body for a day of surfing, activities and fun!

Breakfast Includes:
Eggs, (Fried, or omelets) Amlou, (fresh peanut butter) Honey, Jam, Olive Oil, Msemen (square crepe) Baghrir, (pancake) Cheese, Seasonal Fruits, Cereals, Tea, Coffee, Orange Juice.


Lunch is taken to the beach to eat in between surf sessions.

It consists of colourful salads with amazing flavours, nutrients and fragrant spices. It may consist of an assortment of vegetables, different meats, chicken, beans, or lentils.

The sandwiches are spicy, flavoursome and healthy, with fresh purchased daily from the local market. Options include chicken, turkey, beef meat, minced meat, eggs, and beans with vegetables.

Water and seasonal fruits are served with the lunches.


Dinners at Original Surf and yoga camp are a family style feast. Every day is a different meal, with different salad, meal accompaniments and desert all made by our chef in our kitchen.

Dinners can include meat, vegetarian or fish tagin, couscous, skewers, roasted chicken, soups, and Moroccan pancakes full of vegetables, and minced meat.