Why Surf Holiday in Morocco ?

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Original Surf camp invites you to a surf holiday in the most amazing and peaceful waters of Morocco with amazing landscapes and the perfect blend of cultural heritage. While traveling south from Europe, Morocco is the first place one hits. It is separated from Europe by straits of Gibraltar and is bordered by Algeria in the East, the Atlantic Ocean in the West and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in the South. The Atlantic Ocean in the west and south of Morocco (Le Grand Sud/the Great South) are the main areas for surfing. These areas also include the South region of High Atlas.


surf spot in Morocco

There are numerous surfing spots all the way along Morocco coast but South Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir have high-quality waves for a great surf holiday. The land of point breaks, Morocco, is riddled with spots in the south around the Agadir coastline area. Agadir coastline has uncrowded waves.

It’s extremely foolish to work hard for getting crowded waves in Morocco. Original Surf Morocco camparranges the most peaceful and uncrowded waves for you so that you can surf without any interference and fully enjoy the best surf season of the world. Waves are empty around every corner and even in winter, these waves are warm, peaceful and alluring.

Crowd and population are unimaginable in Morocco during the famous Morocco surf season, but Original Surf Morocco camp provides the perfect empty waves in South of Morocco to every single surfer, and our surf and yoga camp promises to provide every surfer with a totally new or the least surfed spot to make surfing experience incredible. Original Surf Morocco guides also make sure that you are fully prepared and equipped with important things.


  1. Suitable accommodation for all tastes and budgets:

Surf accommodation

Taghazout region and its related tourism industries have plenty of accommodation varieties in the area. They always have something for everyone according to their taste and budget. Morocco surf season adventures are very popular and economical. These accommodations are dream surfing camp accommodations especially for those tourists who are more likely to have a social vibe.

Being a dry country, Morocco does not provide the opportunities of partying hard but ensures a beautiful and great way of meeting new people and becoming friends with them. Native Moroccans are not allowed to buy alcohol but tourists who come to surf in Morocco can keep and stock their alcohol stores.

If you are new to surfing and want to get a good hold on these surfs, our Morocco Surf School will make your learning journey safe and joyous. Whether you are just trying to get a bottom turning hang or hoping for a furtive slab of your mettle, Original Surf Holiday camp keeps it comfortable and joyful for you.

Nowadays, low coast airline companies that fly every day from main cities of Europe offer cheap flight prices to the tourists even during Morocco surf season.


  1. Alluring warm water on sunny winter days:


Morocco surf season achieves the all-time peak in winter. In winter, a powerful storm hits the Atlantic Ocean at regular intervals, therefore winter is the best season for the tourists to enjoy good surf holiday and high-quality waves. In December and January Peniche languishes, Portugal surf capital has a chilly air of 8-9 °C temperature but winter weather of Taghazout is more enticing for the Moroccan tourists.

Here, in winter, the daytime air temperature ranges from 18- 20 degree Celsius and water temperature never falls below 16 degree Celsius. So, our professional surf guides at Original surf camp suggest that the tourists only need a 2mm thick wetsuit or can use a shorty for most of the times. We know that it’s not as warm as that of Indian Ocean Board to wear shorts but its exciting waves and peaceful environment attracts the most professional surfers to Morocco. And in autumn, it actually feels really good to sense warm and clean freshness of Atlantic Ocean washing over you after a long and hot summer.


  1. Waves for every surfer:

surf waves morocco

Original surf camp provides you water which is not only warm but is rich in waves with levels according to one’s expertise. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you are guaranteed to have the best surf of your life in this mesmerizing city.

A mythical surfer place Taghazout near Tamaraght, 10 minutes north of Agadir is the best place for surfing in Morocco. Original surf camp also arranges surfs to other amazing places like Banana, Devil’s Rock, and Panorama, so that our surfers get the best!

If you are a beginner and planning to dig your feet for the first time, Original surf school Morocco has the most peaceful and safe waves, so that you learn without any fear. And for surfing pros, our surf school promises the most exciting and sky-kissing waves to make your experience incredible.

Original Surf school Morocco has the most professional instructors which will make your learning smooth and polish your experience to new levels. Plan today with Original surf camp and get ready for the most exciting surf holiday of your life at the bewitching Morocco surf spots. Our professional surf guide will look for the best spots according to your level and desires so that you get the best service with us. We endeavour to make your surf holiday a memorable experience of your life.


  1. A great surfing excursion with incredible cultural heritage:

excursion morocco

Original Morocco surf camp invites you to the most popular land for surfing- Morocco. With the most amazing surfing spots in the world and stunning cultural and architectural heritage, you are up to an amazing surfing excursion. Enjoy the waves in the sunny winter days but do keep some spare time to get acquaintance with this amazing land of cultural and architectural wonders.

Professional guides are there to help you explore the most stunning places in Morocco and admire the aesthetic sense of this fascinating country. Besides, the food here is as amazing as the friendly culture.

Original surf camp arranges the most amazing excursions where you can enjoy cliff jumping in amazing Paradise Valley, sand-surfing and explore the cities like Essaouira, Agadir, and Leghzira. When surfers are all exhausted they are offered delicious native foods which they can never resist.


  1. Safe and welcoming like your hometown:

surf morocco

Morocco is as safe as your hometown and we leave no stone unturned in attracting surfers from all parts of the world. Amazing landscapes, mountain-jumping, stunning cultural and architectural heritage and safe warm waters make Morocco a paradise for surfers.

Surf camp Morocco warmly welcomes the tourists and their hospitality and friendly behavior is admired all around the world. Visit Original Morocco surf camp today for a safe and pleasant surfing experience. We have everything covered to make your surfing adventure unforgettable.

Our professional guides are always by your side to keep you safe. These waters are warm and alluring with waves which can mesmerize you and your family. Beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and sandy beaches add charm to your journey.


Feel free to come to Morocco with your family and friends to book most amazing surfing trips! The waters are as save as any other part of the world but the amazing culture and delicious food make this place irresistible.

Original surf and yoga camp in Morocco provides you a golden opportunity of your life to plan the most incredible surfing holiday of your life with your family and friends. From safe and affordable Morocco flights to safe and uncrowded waves even during the peak Morocco surf seasonOriginal surf and yoga camp in Morocco has you covered.

Every individual of Original surf camp strives hard to make your surf holiday experience unforgettable. And if you are a professional, we provide you the most exciting and sky-kissing waves which will fill your surfing experience with thrill and adventure.

Besides surfing in Morocco, taking sun baths in sandy beaches and boating in the most peaceful waters of the world are the most pleasant ways to spend your leisure time. You can go base jumping in most beautiful valleys or explore the amazing cultural and architectural heritage, this country always has something to fascinate you. Contact utoday and get the most exclusive surf and/or yoga packages for your family and friends. It costs less when the fun is unlimited and you are promised to have unlimited fun with Original Surf & yoga Camp, Morocco.

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