Healthy Surf and Yoga Holiday Meals
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Man is a physical, mental, and spiritual being. Exercises like aerobics and other stuff only promote physical being but surfing and yoga establish a balance between all three. Yoga and surfing are a lot alike as both require: Perfect equilibrium and harmony Immense concentration Personal power Self-awareness and control And helps to reduce stress and remove negative […]


Why Surf Holiday in Morocco ?
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Original Surf camp invites you to a surf holiday in the most amazing and peaceful waters of Morocco with amazing landscapes and the perfect blend of cultural heritage. While traveling south from Europe, Morocco is the first place one hits. It is separated from Europe by straits of Gibraltar and is bordered by Algeria in the […]
surf & yoga seaside holiday in Morocco


A seaside holiday to change your life
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Seaside holidays can be an important opportunity to regenerate the body and the psychophysical well-being. The sea is also a great solution for those who want to lose weight and feel better. In fact, iodine and other salts contained in the air that can be breathed in the sea are very important to trigger our […]
yoga poses for surfing in Morocco


5 Best Yoga Poses for Surfing
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The key to surfing is strength, balance, patience, and calmness. Although without sand or the sea, the practice of Yoga is all about just that — clearing the mind, while also centering the body. Many stretches and Yoga poses are greatly beneficial for the sport of surfing, enhancing the specific muscles needed for paddling, standing up, and […]
Yoga and surf in Tamraght


Visitor’s Guide to Tamraght
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Nestled between bustling Banana Village and the tourist town of Taghazout, Tamraght has a much more chilled out vibe than its better-known neighbors. While it may be harder to find a buzzing night scene, Tamraght appeals to travelers keen to experience the pace of local life. With houses built up the hillside overlooking the sea, there’s plenty […]
surf and yoga holiday in Tamraght


How to prepare to your surf and yoga holiday in a proper way
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  If you are up to a surf and yoga holiday there are some things you should keep in mind to really make the most of this experience. Let’s find out together what we are talking about with our list! 1. The Right Mood   To really get ready to your surf and yoga holiday […]