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Visitor’s Guide to Tamraght

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Nestled between bustling Banana Village and the tourist town of Taghazout, Tamraght has a much more chilled out vibe than its better-known neighbors. While it may be harder to find a buzzing night scene, Tamraght appeals to travelers keen to experience the pace of local life. With houses built up the hillside overlooking the sea, there’s plenty of good spots to relax, check the surf, and watch the sun go down over the water. Two main streets make up the core of little Tamraght, framed by two mosques which call to each other 5 times per day. Small local shops selling Moroccan flat bread and other essentials are dotted along the road, framed by houses with brightly painted doors and intricate decorated tile walls.

Tamraght may be a small town, but a few hidden jems are tucked away in its quiet streets. One of these is ‘Jus de Fruits’ up the hill from the mosque; a favorite for their legendary Avocado Smoothie (quickly becoming an Original Surf tradition!). The lovely ladies in this hole-in-the-wall cafe will whip you up the most incredible mixture of avocado, dates, and nuts, so thick and creamy that it’s served with a spoon!

Another spot, popular among locals and tourists alike, is Babakoul. The outdoor tables and delicious pancakes at this funky joint make it a great place to hang out after sunset. A recommended order is the Banana and Almond Butter Pancake, and of course a pot of traditional Moroccan Mint Tea.

After surf refresher

Walking along the main road you will come across restaurants, a currency exchange, and surf shops where you can buy clothing, sun cream, and other beach essentials. Ding repair services are also available. Staying in Tamraght puts you in a prime spot for surf expeditions – not only can you see the surf from your roof Terrance, but you are just a 20 minute walk away from the main beach and Devils Rock. Likewise, Banana Village and Taghazout can be reach by foot or by the regular local buses running between the two towns, making it easy to pop to the Wednesday souk in Banana Village, or for dinner in one of Taghazout’s restaurants.With the whole surrounding area set to see much development over the next few years, it’s a privilege to experience the peaceful local lifestyle that still prevails in Tamraght. Catch it while you can!

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